Refund/Exchange Policy

All refunds or exchanges require the original sales receipt.

Textbook Refunds/Exchanges

Textbook refunds are given the 1st two weeks of the Fall/Spring semesters and the first week of Summer/Late Start Sessions. After these refund periods; All Textbook Sales Are Final.

Supplies Refunds/Exchanges

Supplies have 3 days from the date of purchase to return. All supplies must be in their original unopened packaging to qualify for a refund/exchange. After the 3 day period; All Supply Sales Are Final.

Non-Refundable Items

  • The following items are not refundable: catalogs, clearance items, food & beverages, gift cards, meds, medical supplies, Scantrons, special orders, and study aids.
  • The Bookstore reserves the right to determine if an item is eligible for a refund/exchange. Defective supply items may only be exchanged, not refunded; the original unopened packaging and receipt are required.

Personal Check Policy

  • Driver's License or State I.D. are required
  • Checks must be imprinted with current address, written to CHC Bookstore for the amount of purchase only. Student I.D. and phone number are needed
  • Two party checks are not accepted
  • If using a parent's check, student must present photo I.D., students name entered on the memo line, check must be signed by parent and parent's I.D. information must be provided
  • Check refunds must wait 5 working days from the date of the transaction to qualify for a cash refund.
    A $25.00 service charge will apply to all returned checks.

Credit/Debit Card Policy

  • Credit/Debit card holder must be present
  • Photo ID required for all transactions
  • If using a parent's credit card, card must be signed, a note of permission is required with student's name identified, student must present photo ID

Book Buyback Policy

  • Book Buyback available the first and last week of the semester
  • Books may be bought back at 50% of the new price or 50% of the used price if the textbook has been requested by the instructor for the upcoming semester and if the book is needed by the Bookstore.
  • Books must be in good condition
  • Books on the "Guarantee" Book Buyback program are bought back at 50% of the original price and must have the "Guarantee" sticker on the book
  • A wholesaler manages the book buyback and may also buy back books up to 30% of the original price.

Financial Aid/Sponsor Programs

  • Valid California State I.D. or valid California Driver's License required for all purchases made to these accounts.
  • Student signature required to release merchandise.
  • Original cash register receipt required for all returns.
  • Returns must be brought back during the posted refund period.
  • Sorry, no cash back! Refunds will be issued directly to the sponsor program.